Cabinet upgrade and replacement

Talkwire supply and install a huge range of 19-inch-wide Server and Network Cabinets which can be deployed across a range of industry environments. Server cabinets are mostly used to install Servers, Uninterruptable Power Supply and Monitors whereas Network Cabinets are used for the storage of Routers, Patch Panels, Switches and Networking Accessories.

With years of experience working in Small Satellite Locations, Data Centres, BMI and Plant Rooms, External, Low temperature, Main Equipment Rooms and Manufacturing Production Lines, Talkwire has the knowledge to provide you with the best Cabinet solution application.

Wall-Mounted Cabinets

are available in 6U, 9U, 12U, 15U, 18U or 21U and are manufactured from steel in 450mm, 500mm or 600mm deep frames that can be either 600mm or 700mm wide. Wall mounted cabinets often act as the main hub for smaller networks and as satellite cabinets in larger networks. With a small frame wall box, system architects need to be conscious of the depth of the active kit being installed. Very often, large Telephone Systems, Network Switches and Large Capacity UPS units will not fit.

Floor-Standing Data Cabinets

are available in 9U, 12U, 15U, 18U, 21U, 27U, 39U, 42U, 45U and 47U height configurations are either 600mm or 800mm wide, and can be either 600mm or 800mm deep. As the cabinets are floor-standing, they can accommodate significantly more active equipment, offer a wide range of cable management options and have the depth to hold larger switches and UPS units. These cabinets are typically supplied with a hardened glass front door and solid steel rear door; however custom options are available.

Server Cabinets

are 1000mm or 1200mm in depth, 600mm or 800mm wide and come as 27U, 39U, 42U, 45U or 47U in height. These cabinets are normally supplied with a mesh front and rear doors for great airflow and cooling, however custom options are available.

IP54 Cabinets

excel where the network manager wants to control the airflow (both hot and cold) around the installed equipment or when deploying in an environment with air-borne contaminants such as site offices where dust will damage valuable equipment. Doors have rubber seals, fans are fitted with filters and cable entry points are secured with glands or filled with brush grommets. These cabinets are usually supplied with solid front and rear doors with a few other options available.

External IP66 Cabinets

are specially designed and made to order with your exact requirements. Common deployments are mains and incoming network termination points which are available as either passive or powered variants in a variety of sizes.

IP55 Line Boxes

are typically installed on industrial sites or plant rooms where the impact rating secures the active equipment in a highly secure or protective enclosure.

Along with the main cabinet structure, Talkwire supply and install a portfolio of accessories that help to keep your cabinet efficient, secure and compliant with relevant legislation.

Some of these accessories we provide include the following:

  • Horizontal and Vertical Copper Earthing Bars
  • Insulated Spacers
  • Horizontal Cable Management Bars
  • Vertical and Powder Coated Trays in widths of 150mm to 300mm
  • Bottom to Top and Top to Bottom U numbering labels
  • Jumper Ring Panels in depths of 75mm and 100mm
  • Roof Mounted or U Rail Fan Units
  • Standard, Custom and Unique Locks, Swipe Card and Fob Access
  • Environmental Sensors
  • Internal and External IP Surveillance for Network Equipment Rooms
  • Cable Dump and Pass Through Bars
  • Letter Box Panels
  • Metal Blanking Plates and Vented Panels
  • Cabinet Plinths
  • Metal Shelving
  • Document Wallets and Holders
  • Braided Sleeving, Velcro and Cable Ties all made from LSZH compliant materials
  • Horizontal and Vertical Power Distribution Units (PDU's)
  • Baying and Bonding Kits

Whether your company is building a Data Centre, a Main Network, a Satellite Equipment Room or a Larger Cabinet Space, Talkwire can assist you with all your Server and Network Cabinet requirements. Every installation is prepared by an account manager with submitted cabinet layout drawings that show the current equipment but also available spaces for future expansion.

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