Call Recording

Call recording in business is becoming increasingly popular and more important, with technology changing and the nature of working becoming more mobile. Addressing mobile recording is now the subject of many financial regulators' recommendations and enhances businesses by enabling you to deliver the best possible service to your customers.

By recording all telephone calls or discussions, you can quickly resolve disputes, monitor quality, demonstrate compliance and measure success through feedback of the conversations. Whether you require a call recorder for general compliance, staff training or simply for record keeping, Talkwire's partnership with Retell means we can supply, commission and maintain the right recording solution for your business.

Retell's award winning range of solutions will keep your business compliant and help manage quality issues, regardless of the number of users within the business. You can tailor your requirements and the technology can be applied to all users connected to the phone system, specific groups or teams, individual extensions or mobile phones.

Below are some of the specific solutions available:

Alongside the key benefits of Call Recording and Call Analysing, Retell offer a Voice Firewall to protect your system from 'PABX Hacking'. This is an increasingly damaging problem where criminals use your system to make thousands of premium rate calls that your business is then liable for. The firewall can be configured to your specifications and individual business needs.

Our process would be to fully understand your objectives and make an informed recommendation based on system compatibility, the type and quality of information you require and estimated project budget.